Photography – where my creativity lies

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The longer I am able to do things with my creative side, the more I realize just how fun and important photography is to me.

I managed to create planet5D as an awesome resource for filmmakers, but don't tell anyone who reads that realistically my favorite topic is really photos.

Is it because they're just easier?

I wonder about that a lot lately. There are so many aspects to video that are so similar to photography, but II'm just not as drawn to it – except as a viewer that is. There's nothing like a great story told on film/video. Especially with all that I've learned about making moving images I'm so much more appreciative of when it is done superbly.

There's a lot of crap and just basic stuff on TV and the big screen, but there are some shows that just rock. A couple that come to mind are “the BlackList” and “Castle.”

Castle has some basic good story tenants, but the visual look and feel of it just captures me so often. They know how to light! If you stop and think about the show, no place office would be lit they way they do the show but it is so much more dramatic!

There have been a couple of episodes of “the BlackList” that have just blown my socks off. And what they've done is to interweave the story and the music together in such a way as to simply astound me with emotion. The Episode this week has a scene like that – and the one at the end of the season last year was incredible. I wish I had a way to show you bits, but alas, there aren't any free versions I can find. It was episode 222 if you care to go find it.

Here I am talking about a bunch of video in a post where I wanted to talk about my love for photography. Silly me!

Anyway, it is awesome to grow and learn more about photography and myself. Have a look at some updates I my portfolio if you want to see what I've been working on lately.