New Apple Gear

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I'm watching today's Apple announcements… thought i'd blog about it.

I still don't have an Apple Watch, but Apple is making it very appealing! I was going to start but never made it happen.

New iPad Pro – 12.9″ screen and same weight as original iPad 1

  • new iPad chip sounds great – can't wait to see how fast it is. Desktop class performance? The charts are very impressive. The last iPad I owned was the iPad 2 and I just sold it on eBay. Wasn't using it much.
  • faster than 80% of portable PCs shipped in the last 12 months
  • iMovie can edit 3 streams of 4k video? Wow
  • new classes of apps – Autocad running on an iPad?
  • 10 hour battery life too? We'll see!
  • 4 speaker audio too. Very interesting. 3x audio volume makes sense.
  • Put a keyboard with it and maybe it would be killer… but wait, it sounds like he's talking about adding a keyboard… yes!
  • Smart Keyboard! New connector technology! Power and data and magnetic.
  • Oh Steve is rolling over – they've added a Pencil for the iPad! He said they'd not do that because the finger was perfect
  • i had given up on my iPad 2 because it wasn't all that useful… but now a keyboard and a pencil? May be the perfect travel laptop!
  • Artists should love this new pencil
  • Microsoft on stage demoing with new iPad Pro… unnerving! LOL
  • Adobe apps looking impressive as well
  • Big question is where are you storing all these images?
  • Ok, second big question is price!
  • $799 with 32gb /$949 with 128gb  / $1079 with 128gb and cellular access
  • Pencil – $99 – keyboard $199 – way too expensive
  • Available November

New Apple TV

  • I'm very excited to see what they say here – I'm ready to ditch uVerse TV!
  • Future of TV is apps Tim says
  • Intro looks sexy 🙂
  • The scrubbing in the demos is great – and the “what did she say” and turning on the subtitles briefly is awesome!
  • Siri search and filtering also looks amazing
  • Guess I won't be dropping netflix – no sign of amazon prime here
  • Siri support looks great – swiping with remote and talking to siri seem pretty seamless
  • Access to existing content
  • new TVOS based on iOS – so many apps will work
  • new apps from netflix and hbo etc
  • games from iOS can play too – but will they charge us extra?
  • Can do shopping too – new apps will let you do shopping and more
  • But what about live TV? Or major channels?
  • Full HD and 60fps for the video side.
  • MLBTV can do multiple games
  • Universal apps will play on iPhone and Apple TV
  • remote can turn on tv and control volume – lightening connector for charging
  • $149 w 32gb/$199 w 64gb
  • tvOS available for developers today
  • available late October

iPhone updates

  • iPhone of course is better than everything else – high stats
  • how do you follow the iPhone 6? 🙂
  • 3d touch – new touch system – peek and pop are added to the way you interact. Impressive but might not be enough to get me to upgrade
  • the description of the technology behind force touch (3d) is very impressive. Detecting micro changes in the pressure on the screen
  • Ok, more they demo this 3d touch, the more interesting it looks – time savings!
  • The new processing in the chip is amazing – the game demo was very very busy and handles a lot of CPU processing
  • iPhone 6s does have 4k video and 12mp still camera — more pixels but they've not added more until they were able to make the sensor very high quality.
  • Clever to use the phone screen as a flash with the front facing camera
  • New “live photos” — “entirely new technology” – don't some other phones do that?
  • Still photos – not video – extend capture 1.5 seconds before and after – says it doesn't take a lot more space
  • Live photos applied across all devices
  • New Android app to help android users bring over their data 🙂
  • new iPhone purchase program at $32/month = $384/year! That's not cheap just to be able to get a new phone every year.
  • new iCloud pricing is 1/2 what it was

They're spending big bucks on getting superstars for the commercials – Apple has the money.

Apple has done some great things with their pricing – like giving updates for iOS and OS X away for free, but man, they could still lower some prices for things and still make a boatload of money. Keyboard for iPad at $199? really? Why not $99. The pencil should be $49 and they'd sell a ton.

Overall some great updates and I'll be excited to try out that new Apple TV 🙂

so, what do you think? Are you buying into any of these?

How have you dumped your current TV provider?