McKendree Athletic Bands 2016

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I'm working now with the McKendree Athletic Bands to take some photos and maybe some video. These kids are amazing and having so much fun!

Below, you’ll find the link to the photos that I've been taking – but before that, we have a favor to ask…

The reason we’re sharing these is to promote McKendree Athletic Bands!

The display photos include an MBB logo** so please, if you're doing screen grabs, please be kind enough to include the logo so people become aware of McKendree Athletic Bands and if possible, it would be great to include a link like this:

Learn more on our McKendree Athletic Bands Facebook page:

On the site linked below, you (or your parents, friends, family) can purchase prints or even things like mugs, mousepads etc.**

Please help us promote MBB and if you have friends who might be interested in the upcoming Member for a Day, please invite them! That’s coming up soon!

Click this link to see the photos (share the link too):

Feel free to share any of the photos WITH the links above on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc, and please remember to promote how much fun MBB is – thanks!

** note the purchased items and downloads will not have the MBB logo